Someone may have already solved health & safety issues you are currently experiencing. Find out more about this. Best practices, methods, technologies, safety tools. You can use our 12 years of our experience in foreign companies.

ESOSH is frequently asked about occupational health & safety services in Ukraine and other countries (former Soviet Union region). You may be interested in joining the team as an expert, auditor or trainer. Please apply with your CV to Currently ESOSH supports the initiative of Metinvest (a group of steel and mining companies with 80 000 employees) to build a hi-tech brand-new polytechnic University in the city of Mariupol. ESOSH shapes the educational context for the OHS Department for “Metinvest Polytechnic University”.

ESOSH recognizes the worldwide professional qualification of NEBOSH, IOSH, etc., and develops its own qualification of 4 levels: Specialist, Accredited Specialist, Certified Expert, Chartered Expert. The membership is free of charge. Please, apply with your CV to

ESOSH is a unique chance to achieve training and consultancy from the experts, who has both international and local qualification in occupational health and safety. You may apply for support to

We strive to make health & safety knowledge really accessible. That is why ESOSH membership is free of charge for individuals. If you are a health & safety practitioner, you are very welcome to apply with your CV to . You will get the Certificate of Confirmation on your level of qualification in ESOSH. Organizations and companies are also invited for cooperation.



ESOSH Levels of Qualification Description

ESOSH Levels of Qualification Description

General requirements:

1. Practical experience in occupational health and safety is mandatory

2. Acceptance of ESOSH Code of Conduct is a must for all levels

3. CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Program is mandatory starting from level 3 CE ESOSH

Send your CV to

Anyone who shares the view that life is the highest value can become a member of ESOSH. Participation in the union is free.

practical experience as an engineer, occupational safety manager, occupational safety for at least 2 years at an enterprise with more than 50 employees (confirmed by an entry in the employment record book, contract, etc.) or those with high school education in occupational safety (diploma).

can be obtained by a Specialist ESOSH who has completed IOSH “Managing Safely” course, NEBOSH Award or their equivalents, for example, ESOSH Accreditation course

can be obtained by ESOSH member level 1 or 2 who has completed NEBOSH IGC certificate or its equivalent, and who has at least 5 years of professional experience.

can be obtained by ESOSH member level 1, 2, 3 who has completed a Diploma NEBOSH or NVQ5, or their equivalent, and who has at least 5 years of professional experience.

  • Joining the international community

International recognition is an open opportunity for all ESOSH members. In the near future plans for cooperation agreements with international and European organizations ILO, IOSH, ISSA, IAPPA.

  • Corporate training packages

One-time training does not bring results, but only long creative and practical courses built into daily activities. Courses include independent and optional mastering of theory, webinars, workshops and term papers, examinations and testing at each stage of training.

  • Access to the latest knowledge and resources

Access to the world’s best trainers, the most famous courses and effective educational programs on occupational safety. Techniques, technologies, safety tools, the most up-to-date information about new products – on the ESOSH website.

  • Participation in projects

ESOSH is the only one association of specialists in Ukraine, which is approached by world and European organizations and institutions for cooperation and participation in projects. Open projects are always available on the ESOSH website.

  • Support of recognized OH experts

Someone has already solved your occupational safety problems, find out about it on ESOSH. And also share your successes. Your experience is invaluable.



Members of the association

Members of the association

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