Life is the highest value

ESOSH - community of professionals and organizations working according fo European standards in occupational safety and health
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Ukrainian Professional Association of OSH Specialists

ESOSH is a professional assosiation OSH specialists that shares best global practices and supports development of competence in OSH. Our experts are professionals with practical experience working in international companies and with European qualifications.

in their professional activities, ESOSH members:

  • share ESOSH vision that life is the highest value, and do everything possible to prevent any harm to life and health of yourself and people around you;
  • fulfil the mission - share safety mindset and promote safety leadership;
  • strive towards a goal - develop professional competence and become a source of development for others;
  • join efforts with other specialists who share the aspiration for safe work and European values;
  • share the attitude towards OSH as a moral obligation
Керівний склад:
  • Ольга Богданова
    Співзасновник, Голова Правління
    • канд. техн. наук за спец. охорона праці;
    • TechIOSH – технічний експерт Інституту безпеки та гігієни праці (UK);
    • член ISSA Mining (DE);
    • тренер Vision Zero (DE);
    • член АПКБУ (UA).
    Досвід: Imperial Tobacco (UK), Gallina Blanca (ESP)

  • Дмитро Григоренко
    Співзасновник, Генеральний Директор
    • CMIOSH – почесний член Інституту безпеки та гігієни праці (UK);
    • тренер CIEH (UK).
    Досвід: Метінвест Холдінг (UA), CRH (UK), LafargeHolcim (FR)
  • Олег Токар
    Директор з Розвитку
    • Тренер DuPont Safety Resources (USA).
    Досвід: Метінвест Холдінг (UA), «ТНК-ВР Менеджмент» (RU)

  • Helmut Ehnes
    Член Спостережної Ради
    • Генеральний секретар ISSA Mining (DE);
    • засновник руху VISION ZERO.
    Досвід: державна установа соц. страх. від нещасних випадків у видобувній та хімічній промисловості (BGRCI) (DE), у будівельній промисловості (StBG) (DE), TÜV Rhineland (DE)

  • Антоніна Сулхова
    Член Спостережної Ради
    • директор при Раді Директорів NEBOSH (Національна Екзаменаційна Рада з безпеки та гігієни праці Великобританії);
    • GradIOSH (UK);
    • CRSP (CAN);
    Досвід: Western Zagros (CAN-IRQ), Talisman Energy (CAN), Shell Upstream (UK-NLD)
ESOSH Membership
Level 1: Specialist
Specialist – can be obtained by H&S specialists who:
а) Have at least 2 years of practical experience in H&S field (H&S specialists or H&S Manager) in organizations with 50+ employees. Or those specialists who have higher education degree (diploma) in H&S
б) Came through ESOSH introduction webinar and successfully passed the test
в) Have accepted ESOSH Code of Conduct
Level 2: Accredited specialist
Accredited specialist – can be obtained by ESOSH member who has basic level of OSH qualification proven with any of the following certificates: ESOSH AS, IOSH Managing Safely, NEBOSH Award in OSH and similar.
Level 3: Certified expert
Certified expert – can be obtained by ESOSH member who:
а) Has ESOSH CE training, NEBOSH IGC or equivalent
б) Has at least 5 years of professional experience in H&S
в) Maintains continuous professional development program
Level 4: Chartered expert
Chartered expert – can be obtained by ESOSH member who has:
а) NEBOSH Diploma, NVQ5 diploma, or equivalent
б) At least 5 years of professional experience,
в) Maintains Continuous Professional Development Program
For organizations
Become part of international community
International recognition – opportunities for all ESOSH members.
Corporate training packages
One time training is not that effective comparing to long-term development program, in-built in daily work. Courses include individual work and working with trainers, webinars, practical work, exams and tests at every topic of the course.
Access to modern knowledge and good practices
Access to internationally recognized courses and training sessions with the best speakers in H&S from all around the globe. Modern technologies and tools, news of H&S industry can be found on ESOSH website.
Participation in projects
ESOSH – the only Ukrainian Society of H&S specialists, which has direct connections with European and International organizations concerning participation in different projects and initiatives. Available projects can be found on ESOSH website.
Support of internationally recognized H&S experts
Almost any problem in H&S was already solved by somebody in other organization. You can find out about existing solutions and share your success story or good practice with us. Your experience is priceless.
Ваші проблеми з безпеки праці уже хтось вирішував, дізнавайтесь про це в ЄСОП. А також діліться своїми успіхами. Ваш досвід – безцінний.
    Спілка спеціалістів з охорони праці ЄСОП – можливість підвищувати компетентність, підтверджувати рівні кваліфікації: фахівець, акредитований спеціаліст, сертифікований експерт, дипломований експерт.
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    Телефон: +38(097)1722078

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