Code of conduct for participants of European Society of Occupational Safety and Health
Honesty is one of the main human characteristics.
As members of the European Society of Occupational Safety and Health (ESOSH), we are committed to the fundamental principles of honesty, transparency and openness. The support of these principles is critical to maintaining respect and confidence in our activities, in accordance with the vision, mission, purpose and objectives of our community
The objectives of the Code of Conduct are to provide ESOSH members with ethical recommendations that are in line with the highest European standards and codes of conduct, which regulate anti-corruption, conflict of interest and confidentiality issues.
The Code defines basic standards of conduct, but it does not impose restrictions on the ability to carry out its professional and community activities.
We call on all members of the ESOSH to strive the guarantee that our centre of action is honest, and that the principles of the Code have been respected in our activities, which leads to protection of the highest value – life and health of people.
Olha Bohdanova, Chairperson of the ESOSH Board
Dmitry Grigorenko, Director General of ESOSH
Code of Conduct for ESOSH Participants
The purpose of the Code of Conduct – to provide ESOSH members with criteria that should be followed when they perform their professional duties. It outlines the general principles of conduct that our community expects from its members. By following these standards, participants can maintain and enhance the level of openness and accountability needed to maintain confidence in ESOSH.
Scope of the Code of Conduct – applies to all participants regarding aspects of their professional activities in the field of occupational safety and health. The Code may be supplemented by other rules of conduct and organizational discipline, determined by the ESOSH Board, which does not contradict this Code.
General principles of behaviour
  1. In their professional activity the members of the ESOSH:
  2. share the vision of the community that life is the highest value and do their utmost to prevent any harm to human life and health;
  3. carry out missions– form a safe mindset and spread leadership in occupational safety;
  4. seek to the goal – develop their own professional competence and become a source of development for others;
  5. achieve goals:
  • distribute knowledge gained from skilled, experienced professionals in the field of safety,
  • combine efforts with other specialists who share the aspirations of safe work and European values,
  • distribute the attitude to the occupational safety as a moral obligation.
  1. In the performance of their professional duties ESOSH members:
  2. perform duties on the occupational safety responsibly, conscientiously and honestly;
  3. when making decisions in their professional activities, they are guided primarily by the interests of society and act to preserve life and health of people;
  4. guided by the principles of transparent accountability for injuries and occupational diseases in the workplace, in no way covering the real causes of the incidents, but performing all that is dependent on them, for objective and impartial investigations and avoiding repetition of such incidents in the future;
  5. act in such a way that their activities reinforce the reputation of the ESOSH, adhere to the rules and regulations of the organization approved by the ESOSH Board;
  6. promote and support the basic principles and principles of ESOSH:
  • honesty,
  • access to advanced knowledge in occupational safety,
  • constant improvement,
  1. taking on a leading role and serving as an example.
  2. ESOSH Participants are committed to comply with the following Rules of Conduct:
  3. respect the values of ESOSH, European values and do not take any action that could damage the reputation and authority of ESOSH or its participants;
  4. avoiding conflicts between any actual or potential economic, commercial, financial and other interests at the professional and personal level, on the one hand, and public interests in the ESOSH on the other, solving any conflicts in favour of the public interest; If a member of ESOSH is not able to avoid a conflict of interest, such conflict should be made public to the ESOSH Board;
  5. do not use their participation in ESOSH to promote their own interests or interests of another person or entity through actions incompatible with the Code of Conduct;
  6. do not use for private purposes the confidential information accessed by them through membership in ESOSH.
  7. ESOSH participants act in accordance with the Code of Conduct on the Prevention and Counteraction of Corruption. In this regard, ESOSH adheres to the highest ethical standards, as well as not only the letters, but also the spirit of all valid and applicable anti-corruption legal acts in the countries where the ESOSH members participates
  8. (hereinafter referred to as the “Anti-corruption Law”):
  9. All members, employees and representatives of the ESOSH, and third parties acting on behalf of the community are prohibited from committing or inducing anyone to commit acts prohibited by the Anti-corruption Law;
  10. all of the above persons must ensure that all treaties with third parties, both private and public, are made in accordance with the laws of the country in which the activities are carried out, as well as the standards of good faith and integrity;
  11. ESOSH appreciates the fairness and transparency of all transactions, opposes and does not recognize any acts of corruption, regardless of who they are committed.;
  12. Participants of ESOSH must not allow corrupt offenses – acts that contain signs of corruption:
  • use by the subject of responsibility for corruption offenses of the authority given to him or their related capabilities to obtain an unlawful benefit,
  • participation in actions committed by the subject of responsibility for corruption offenses, for which the law establishes criminal, disciplinary and / or civil liability;
  1. All threats or suspicions of possible corruption offenses or facts of their occurrence which became known to the ESOSH participant and concern directly the professional activity or activity of the whole community, the ESOSH participant shall inform the ESOSH Board.
  2. All members of the ESOSH, taking part in community events, and referring to their participation in the community, undertake the following obligations:
  3. to show respect for the values of ESOSH;
  4. to demonstrate the openness and transparency of its activities;
  5. to keep neutrality, impartiality and objectivity;
  6. an obligation to act in the current legal framework of the country where the ESOSH is active;
  7. an obligation to maintain order and rules of decency, providing a civilized and orderly relationship, in accordance with the rules and established business practice;
  8. an obligation to maintain order and rules of decency, providing a civilized and orderly relationship, in accordance with the rules and established business practice;
  9. an obligation to refrain from any discrimination based on gender, social, linguistic, ethnic or other grounds, which denies or reduces the equal exercise of the rights of ESOSH members and others;
  10. all participants make a statement to the ESOSH Board if they have professional, personal or economic interests that are contrary to the community’s activities.
Compliance with the Code of Conduct
In carrying out their professional activities, the ESOSH members commit themselves to adhere to the principles and rules set forth in the Code of Conduct.
If there is reason to believe that a party has acted in violation of the Code of Conduct, the ESOSH Board has the right to request clarifications or additional information from this ESOSH or other community member who may clarify the situation.
In the event that the ESOSH Board decides that the participant has violated the Code of Conduct, the Board decides to exclude it from the members of the community within the limits of their authorization and in accordance with the current legal framework of the country where ESOSH operates.
March 15, 2019

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