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Перша в Україні професійна асоціація спеціалістів з Охорони Праці

About the organization:

The European Community for Safety and Health at Work (EHEA) is a professional association of occupational safety professionals that disseminates world best practices and develops occupational safety and health competencies. The experts of the association are specialists with practical experience in international companies and European qualifications.

In their professional activity the members of the ESOSH:

share the visionof the community that life is the highest value and do their utmost to prevent any harm to human life and health;

carry out missions– form a safe mindset and spread leadership in occupational safety;

seek to the goal– develop their own professional competence and become a source of development for others;

achieve goals:

– disseminate knowledge obtained from qualified, experienced security professionals,

– combine efforts with other professionals who share the desire for safe work and European values,

– spread the attitude to labor protection as a moral obligation.

Management staff:

Olha Bohdanova CEO, Chairperson of the Board at ESOSH, PhD in Engineering, TechIOSH

Olga Bogdanova, Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board

  • Cand. tech. science for special. Occupational Health;
  • TechIOSH - Technical Expert of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (UK);
  • member of ISSA Mining (DE);
  • coach Vision Zero (DE);
  • member of APKBU (UA).
Experience : Imperial Tobacco (UK), Gallina Blanca (ESP)

Dmitry Grigorenko CEO, Managing Director at ESOSH, CMIOSH, CIEH

Dmytro Grygorenko, Co-Founder, General Director

  • CMIOSH - Honorary Member of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (UK);
  • CIEH coach (UK).
Experience : Metinvest Holding (UA), CRH (UK), LafargeHolcim (FR)

Oleg TokarDirector of Development at ESOSH

Oleg Tokar, Development Director

  • Trainer DuPont Safety Resources (USA).
Experience : Metinvest Holding (UA), TNK-BP Management (RU)

Helmut Ehnesчлен Почесної Ради

Helmut Ehnes, Member of the Supervisory Board

  • Secretary General of ISSA Mining (DE);
  • founder of the VISION ZERO movement.
Experience : state institution soc. fear. from accidents in the mining and chemical industry (BGRCI) (DE), in the construction industry (StBG) (DE), TÜV Rhineland (DE)

Antonina Sulkhova(Grad IOSH, Canada), Supervisory Board

Antonina Sulkhova, Member of the Supervisory Board

  • Director of the Board of Directors of NEBOSH (National Examination Board for Occupational Safety and Health of the United Kingdom);
  • GradIOSH (UK);
  • CRSP (CAN);
Experience : Western Zagros (CAN-IRQ), Talisman Energy (CAN), Shell Upstream (UK-NLD)

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